I've been fortunate to contribute my music, sound and voice to a broad range of projects, brands and companies across multiple forms of media including Film, TV, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Commercials, Museum Installations and other forms of Interactive Media. Here are some of the companies I've worked with...


“Colewell” - Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer

“Triple Frontier” - Foley Supervisor

"Next Gen" - Foley Editor

"Haunt" - Music Editor, Sound Effects Editor

"A Wrinkle In Time" - Additional Foley Editor

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" - Additional Foley Editor

"Ferdinand" - Additional Voices

"What They Had" - Foley Supervisor

"Imprisoned" - Foley Supervisor

"Black Panther" - Foley Editor

"The Post" - Foley Editor

"IO" - Supervising Assistant, Foley Editor

"Juanita" - Supervising Assistant

"Little Evil" - Supervising Assistant

"Despicable Me 3" - Foley Editor

"Sing" - Foley Editor

"The Great Wall" - Sound Effects Assistant

"The Secret Life of Pets" - Foley Editor

"Allegiant" - Foley Editor

"The Revenant" - Assistant Sound Editor

"The Peanuts Movie" - Assistant Sound Editor

"The Walk" - Apprentice Sound Editor

"Crimson Peak" - Sound Design Apprentice

"Monster Hunt" - Sound Design Apprentice

"Home" - Sound Design Apprentice

"Creed" - Sample Recordist

"Day of Youth" Sound Editor


"Golden Revenge" - Foley Editor

"Mars" Seasons 1 & 2 - Supervising Assistant, Sound Editor

"Fallen Cards" Pilot - Supervising Sound Editor

Star Wars Rebels "Twilight of the Apprentice" - Foley Mixer

Star Wars Rebels "The Mystery of Chopper Base" - Foley Editor


"Madge and Marsi" - Composer

"Asesina" - Composer

"Ace" - Supervising Sound Editor

"The Romantic Movement" - Supervising Sound Editor, Additional Music

"Golazo" - Voice Actor

"Fair Chase" - Composer

"Who's There?" - Supervising Sound Editor

"Pitch Battle 2" - Supervising Sound Editor

"Super" - Supervising Sound Editor

"Shoot The Gambler" - Supervising Sound Editor


“Rewind” - Sound Effects Editor

“The Cold Blue” - Sound Recordist

"Last Days on the Grassland" - Composer, Sound and Mix 

"American Hand" - Composer

"The Strong People" - Composer

"Fly by Light" - Sound Recordist

Virtual Reality

"Arden's Wake" - Additional Sound Design

"Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay" - Sound Editor

NormalVR Unannounced Title - Sound Designer

Penrose Unannounced Title - Sound Designer, Composer


"WWE Tap Mania" - Composer, Sound Designer

"Soccer! Hero" - Voice Actor

"Slime-San" - Composer

"Politicats" - Composer, Sound Designer

"Beat The Game" - Additional Sound Design

"Bare Bears" - Sound Designer

"BMO Snaps"- Composer, Sound Designer

"Bigfoot Hunter" - Composer, Sound Designer

"ArmaGallant Decks of Destiny" - Voice Actor

"DreamWorks Press: Dragons" - Sound Designer, Music Editor

"Spermania" - Composer, Sound Designer 

"Zula" - Sound Designer

"The Grind" - Lead Sound Designer

"The Two Eyes In Team" - Composer

"Automation" - Lead Sound Designer

"Slot World" - Sound Designer 

"Scrambled Skies" - Composer, Sound Designer

"Bloom" - Sound Designer (additional)

"Jungle Rumble" - Composer, Sound Designer

"Echo Fortuna" - Composer, Sound Designer

"Roach Quest" - Sound Designer

"Ironclad Tactics" - Voice Actor

"Aspects TD" - Composer

"The Last Symphony" - Composer, Sound Designer

"SantaKid: A Holiday Adventure" - Voice Actor

"To The Heart of It" - Composer, Sound Designer

"Monster Healthcare" - Composer, Sound Designer

"Dark Dawn: Lost Worlds" - Sound Designer

"Captain Constructo" - Sound Designer


"Home Delivery" - Voice Actor

"Almost There" - Sound Designer

"The Factory" - Sound Designer

"Imogen" - Sound Designer

"Alphabet Blocks" - Composer, Sound Designer


"The Regal Lights" Regal/Coca-Cola Theatrical Ad - Sound Designer

Phillips Exeter Academy Promos - Composer

Rehder Films Logo - Sound Designer

Museo Larco Promo - Sound Designer

Quantum Logic Logo - Sound Designer

MiT "Solve" Campaign - Co-Composer 

Pines Calyx Promo - Composer, Sound Designer

"Freestyle" AMC/Coca-Cola Theatrical Ad - Lead Sound Designer

You can also check out my IMDB page which highlights my work in motion pictures.


“Next Gen” - MPSE Golden Reel - Non-Theatrical Animation Long Form - Won

"Ace" - Kew Gardens Film Festival - Best Sound - Nominated

"Despicable Me 3" - MPSE Golden Reel - Feature Animation - Nominated

"Sing" - MPSE Golden Reel - Feature Animation - Nominated

"Fair Chase" - Best Shorts Competition - Won

"Beat The Game" - Azplay International Games Festival - Best Sound - Nominated

Star Wars Rebels "Twilight of the Apprentice" - MPSE Golden Reel - TV Animation - Nominated 

"Mars" - CAS Award - Television Specials - Nominated

"The Secret Life of Pets" - CAS Award - Motion Picture Animated - Nominated

"The Revenant" - BAFTA - Best Sound - Won

"Peanuts The Movie" - African-American Film Critics Association - Best Animated Film - Won

"Crimson Peak" - Saturn Awards - Best Horror Film - Won

"Bigfoot Hunter" 

Best In Apps - GDC Next 2014 - Won

Innovation Showdown - GamesBeat 2014 - Won

Big Indie Pitch - GDC 2014 - Won

"The Strong People"

Outstanding Social Action Documentary - It's All True, Documentary Film Festival - Won

Best Documentary Film - Fresh Takes National FilmFest - Won

Outstanding Cinematic Achievement - 32nd EVVY Awards - Won

 Outstanding Documentary - 32nd EVVY Awards - Won

Personal Honors

Meyer Sound Scholarship

Skywalker Sound Apprenticeship

CINE Film Scoring Competition - 2nd Place

Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium

International Game Developers Association Scholarship

Georges Delerue Memorial Film Scoring Award

"Patchwork" - Composition Contest - Won

"Patchwork" - Design Contest - Won

Electronic Production & Design Award

"Scoring & Sound Design Contest" - Won