2014 was a crazy year, so many things happened in the course of the last twelve months that it's hard to imagine how it all fitted in! Here's what I got up to last year...

On the personal front, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music with Majors in Film Scoring, Electronic Production & Design and a minor in Audio Design for Video Games. I certainly didn't foresee myself graduating form a music college when I was in my first semester at Berklee, it was a total experiment that seems to have gone well.

On June 22nd, I proposed to my now fiancée Laurynn during our final run in Boston, MA. Watch the video to see what her response was...

  In July, Laurynn and I began the long drive across the US to our new home in Novato, CA.

On the professional front, 2014 was an amazing year with wonderful projects, a few speaking engagements and some awards and honors. I was excited to have another article posted to DesigningSound called "The Most Powerful Tool in Your Toolbox". I was also honored to have received an IGDA E3 Scholarship which took me off to LA to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

At the beginning of 2014 I entered the CINE Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers in which I placed 2nd out of over 220 entries. You can see my entry for the competition here...

I was fortunate to be able to contribute to the Alameda Music in Schools Bundle which featured several of my works, all sold for a charitable cause. Some of my sounds were featured on 99Sounds and were downloaded thousands of times. I then got to hear them used in numerous pieces of music that were entered into a competition on the 99Sounds website for which I served as a judge.

I was also honored to have been accepted into the Telluride Film Festival Student Symposium, however, with regrets had to give up my spot to another well-deserving film fanatic so that I could accept the position of Apprentice Sound Designer at Skywalker Sound under the Head of Sound Design, Randy Thom. I had been admiring his work along with many of the other folks at Skywalker during my studies and had even given numerous presentations on their careers and work, so the prospect of working alongside them was indeed an honor and an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

During 2014 I got to speak at PAX East for the first time on a panel entitled. Game Audio: From Indie to AAA. I also got to speak alongside Richard Ludlow at Sigma Play where we presented on Audio Design: Production and Aesthetic. At Sigma Play I got to see a great keynote delivered by Game Designer Eric Zimmerman, and then even got to play him at his own board game called "Quantum". 

2014 was also an amazing year for all the wonderful projects I got to contribute to. The beginning of the year began with "Bigfoot Hunter" which is being released in the Spring of 2015. I've had a blast creating music and sound for the team over at The Tap Lab and they've been picking up awards left right and center before the game has even been released.

"Jungle Rumble" from Disco Pixel was released on the iOS app store and was the number one music game for a time. We're excited to see it move onto the PSVita platform later this year.

 I was excited to collaborate with Igloo Music on the "DreamWorks Press: Dragons" storybook app, working as the sound designer and music editor. It's an ongoing series and I look forward to working on new books later this year which will be released as DLC.

I worked on two student video game projects in 2014. I was the lead Sound Designer for "The Grind" made by students at SCAD, managing a team of 12 sound designers creating hundreds of assets for the project. I later composed some music for  "Two Eyes in Team" made by students at UCSC.

I  worked on several projects with Hexany Audio in 2014 including a first-person multi-player shooter entitled "Zula", a car design and creation tycoon game called "Automation", an Android racing game called "Spermania", and a theatrical advertisement for Coke and AMC now playing in theaters across the US. I also

I worked on some independent films in 2014 including finishing up Sound Design and Mixing for Ted Marsden's "Pitch Battle 2", field recording and sound editing for Jared Vincenti's feature film, "Day of Youth" which was set in Boston including iconic sounds such at the the T's Green Line (Boston's squeakiest metro system). Paul Goleburn's "Super" was featured in the Studio City Film Festival for which I flew out to LA to celebrate with the rest of the crew. I was the post-production supervisor and sound designer for "Super" in 2013.


In 2014 I got to explore new styles of music that I hadn't previously produced before. I worked with Boston-based filmmaker Jon Walley on his documentary web-series, "American Hand", self-publishing a jazz-trio soundtrack for the project. In 2014 I also released the ethnic-infused orchestral soundtrack to the iOS game "Aspects: Tower Defence" and the multi-award-winning documentary "The Strong People". All of the soundtracks are available for free from my website.

Well that was a summary of my 2014. I now can't wait to see how 2015 pans out with a marriage, new job, my first marathon, new projects already in the works, an overhaul of my portfolio and lots of surprises to come. Happy New Year.