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May 18th, 2017

In addition to editing some guest contributions and conducting interviews with supremely talented folk this spring, I took some time to pen some articles for as part of our "Sunday Sound Thought" series. My latest four contributions to the series deal with the issues of the early days of virtual reality, the way we utilize social media in the professional space, the impact insider knowledge can have on audiences, and the practice of questioning what we typically take for granted.

As always, you can find a list of most of my writings on this site on the Speaking & Writing page. Here are links to the individual articles:

Sunday Sound Thought #60 – A Perspective on the Growing Pains in VR

Excerpt: By easing people into VR via familiar forms such as video games and films, you introduce them to a new medium in a way they can at least partially comprehend as the content at least is a known quantity. As you start to create an increasingly VR-literate audience, you make room for more unique experiences and tools that could only exist in VR. It’s then that VR will lean less on the established languages of film and video games and instead develop its own.

Sunday Sound Thought #63 – Social Distortion

Excerpt: There’s certainly the school of thought that says “fake it till you make it”, and I don’t mean to criticize those who do use social media for professional advancement with this post. I just wonder whether as we increasingly spend time interacting with people on these platforms, if the image we choose to project is becoming more important and perhaps more “real” than the reality.

Sunday Sound Thought #66 – On Lifting The Veil

Excerpt: So my thought this Sunday, which could apply to numerable art and entertainment forms, is how does telling others the ins and outs of what we do impact and affect their enjoyment of the stories we’re telling? Does the obscure, mysterious and mostly unknown nature of our work afford us power to subvert and anonymity in the face the audience’s critique?

Sunday Sound Thought #71 – Taken For Granted

Excerpt: As the mind often does when you allow it to wonder, it took a step back and asked why we so rarely question or analyze the fundamental components of our lives. I had never considered for instance that the language I use every day might not serve us as well as it could. That it surely does contain numerous quirks and oddities that come about when anything evolves though a Darwinian fashion without conscious, thoughtful, intelligent design behind it.