"Last Days on the Grassland" Released

May 5th, 2017

"Last Days on the Grassland" has been published on Narratively. It's a short yet powerful documentary looking at the plight of a people living in a politically contested area known as Southern Mongolia. I worked with the director (who is remaining anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the piece) providing an original score and also served as the sound editor, dialogue editor and mixer.

The director also wrote about some of his experiences shooting the film in a short essay entitled "Behind the Story: Chased By the Law in Southern Mongolia".

The Mongolian people have nourished a distinct way of life for millennia, both in the independent country of Mongolia, and in neighboring Southern Mongolia, a region claimed by China. Without true autonomy, Southern Mongolia has recently been exploited for its rich mineral and coal deposits. As huge Chinese-populated cities spring to life here, can the voiceless herders endure the transformation of their land from vast and beautiful grassland to modern, industrialized territory? "Last Days on the Grassland" looks at a few families fighting to preserve their culture, language and way of life.