I not only love to create original music and sound, I also love to talk and write about it. I'm currently a editor for DesigningSound.org where I help write and curate original content for the site. Here are some of the presentations I've given and articles I've written.


Paid to Play - Lucasfilm Premier Theater for Baykids Studio

Sound Editing Workshop - Berklee Media Lab

Music To Their Ears - GDC 2016

Audio Design: Production and Aesthetic - Sigma Play

Game Audio: From Indie to AAA - PAX East

Noteworthy: Enhancing Narrative Through Music - Film Scoring Network

Project & Time Management for Musicians - Berklee Media Lab

Video Game Audio: Linear Media in a Non-Linear World - MIT guest lecture

The Sounds of Star Wars: Episodes I-II-III - Berklee Media Lab

The Sounds of Star Wars: Episodes IV-V-VI - Berklee Media Lab

Introduction to Sound Design for Film & Games - Berklee Media Lab

The Sounds of Star Wars - Berklee Media Lab

Sound Different?: The Worlds of Sound for Film and Games Compared Part I - Berklee Media Lab

Sound Different?: The Worlds of Sound for Film and Games Compared Part II - Berklee Media Lab

Intro to Sound Design: Films, Games & Sampling - Berklee Media Lab

Preparing for Life After Berklee: Starting Your Business & Getting Work - Berklee Media Lab

Sound Design for Film and Games - Berklee Media Lab

Concepts and Approaches in Sound Design - Berklee Media Lab

Sample Processing and Manipulation for Sound Design - Berklee Media Lab


Our Favorite Sounds of 2017 - Designing Sound

Fearing When Thanks ≠ Giving - Designing Sound

“But hey, if it sounds good…” - Designing Sound

The Bigger Picture - Designing Sound

Jazz Hands - Designing Sound

Always There For You? - Designing Sound

Isn’t “more”… more? - Designing Sound

It Was My Idea First! - Designing Sound

Taken For Granted - Designing Sound

On Lifting The Veil - Designing Sound

Social Distortion - Designing Sound

A Perspective on the Growing Pains in VR - Designing Sound

Finding Success in Failure - Designing Sound

Macros for Audio Production – Automating Your WorkflowDesigning Sound

Our Favorite Sounds of 2015 - Designing Sound

The Inner Workings of Work - Designing Sound

Failure in the Pursuit of Perfection - Designing Sound

Our Favorite Sounds of 2014 - Designing Sound

The Most Powerful Tool in Your Toolbox - Designing Sound

Considerations for Creative Field Recording - Designing Sound

The Pick Up (Part 1 / Part 2) - MiT Game Lab

Putting Pen to Paper (Part 1 / Part 2) - MiT Game Lab

There Could Be… - MiT Game Lab


Spanning Pre to Post across Coast to Coast – an interview with Will Ralston - Designing Sound

Heikki Kossi – Fearless In The Art Of Live Foley - Designing Sound

Diego Stocco – Sound Composing Fear from his DIY Nightmares - Designing Sound

Broad(way) Theories of Sound – An Interview With Enrico De Trizio - Designing Sound

The Attraction of Music – a micro-interview with Todd Homme - Designing Sound

The Volunteer Labor Behind DesigningSound.org - Designing Sound

“Burnout” – a sound design retrospective with Ben Minto - Designing Sound

Mixing “Serial” (no milk required) – An interview with Kate Bilinski - Designing Sound

Sound That Fits The ($10) Bill – An Interview with Nevin Steinberg, Sound Designer for “Hamilton” - Designing Sound

A Decade in the World of Audiocraft – An Interview with Rhonda Cox - Designing Sound

What Is Soundlister? – An Interview with Asbjoern Andersen - Designing Sound

Plugin Research and Development at iZotope: An Interview with Matthew Hines - Designing Sound

Playing with the Boundary: An Interview with Eduardo Ortiz Frau - Designing Sound

Music Cognition and Psychoacoustic Research: An Interview with Dr. Susan Rogers - Designing Sound

The Programmed Music of “Mini Metro” – Interview with Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) - Designing Sound

Interview with Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) on Restrictions - Designing Sound

“On Thin Ice”: A Sampling Session Retrospective - Designing Sound

“ADC, it’s easy as 1 10 11″ – A Retrospective from the Pros - Designing Sound

An interview with Mike Wilhoit - Designing Sound

Dynamics In Education – Interview With Michael Sweet - Designing Sound

Interview with Composer/Sound Designer of DOTA 2 Tim Larkin - Sound Design Network

Interview with Audio Designer Mark Camperell - Sound Design Network

Interview with Game Sound Designer & Audio Lead Chuck Russom - Sound Design Network


Interview with Richard Gould, Alumni, Composer, & Sound Designer  - Berklee Media Lab

Practice Balance: A talk with Composer/Sound Designer Richard Gould - Practice Positive

Video Game Audio & Film Post Production Panel - Berklee Media Lab


BaseHead 4.x - Designing Sound

Dehumaniser II v1.2.1 - Designing Sound

Sonarworks Reference 3 & Measurement Microphone - Designing Sound